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Geografia italiana per stranieri

Balboni, Paolo

Geografia italiana per stranieri

Territorio, abitanti, economia. Livello B2-C2 Features Geografia italiana per stranieri is aimed at B2-C2 level students who wish to learn about the fundamental aspects of Italian geography to better understand Italy and the Italians. This volume is not merely a sterile list of cities and regions with their borders. On the contrary, it aims to identify and highlight the peculiar, characteristic aspects of the many areas in Italy that we can find to the North, Centre, South and the islands. Aspects that have contributed to making the Italians a highly nuanced people, but at the same time connected by a single sentiment. The volume is divided into eight chapter, eight modules: the first three give an overall view of the territory, inhabitants and economy; the next five introduce the various areas of the country, the macroregions with their high and low points, with a timeline to show their evolution, with short files on the main cities and a literary text portraying the essence. The volume ends with a glossary of the geographical terms found and highlighted throughout. Here on the right you can leaf through and print some of the pages of the book. The volume is completed by a series of materials that are available online: Detailed study texts. Extra texts for those who wish to learn a bit more about the Italian territory, its towns and cities, the inhabitants. To consult, download and print the PDFs, enter the last word on page 89 of the book as a password. The texts are marked by an icon inside the volume. Self-evaluation tests. Eight tests, one per chapter, aimed exclusively at allowing students to evaluate what and how much they retain at the end of each module. To consult, download and print the PDFs, enter the last word on page 25 of the book as a password.

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ISBN 9788831496681
Sprache ita
Seiten 152
Verlag Edilingua
Jahr 2022


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