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Malerische Gärten - Im Stile des Impressionismus (Wandkal...

Frost, Anja
Malerische Gärten - Im Stile des Impressionismus (Wandkalender 2023 DIN A3 quer)
Ein Garten, mit seinen Blumen und dem Spiel aus Licht und Schatten, lässt sich mit der impressionistischen Malweise stimmungsvoll einfangen. Kommen Sie mit auf einen Rundgang durch die herrliche Gartenflora. Christrosen, Rittersporn oder die wunderschönen Gladiolen warten darauf, entdeckt zu werden.

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Inverted Paradise

Moulton, C. D.
Inverted Paradise
large print Lenny Hamilton is out of work, a doormat-type personality, chased by a clinging needy-type girl. He was in a sad state when he got a phone call from a friend, son of a major mobster. Marko Ponti was trying to get away from the mobster lifestyle and had taken on a job, house-watching a mansion on a tropical Caribbean island, all expenses paid for two people Would Lenny like to be the second person? What? You're kidding, right? Criti...

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Useful Laws in Daily Life / &#2352,&#2379,&#2332,&#2330,&...

Maske, Nitin
Useful Laws in Daily Life / &#2352,&#2379,&#2332,&#2330,&#2381,&#2351,&#2366, &#2332,&#2368,&#2357,&#2344,&#2366,&#2340,&#2368,&#2354, &#2325,&#2366,&
This book is based on law and introduces law which is useful in daily life. Accident and laws , Will, If government , Domestic Violence, Mutual Consent Divorce, Divorce and alimony / Maintenance, What to do if the police do not take a complaint, Benefits of sending notices, like this many topics are covered in this book. These topics are presented in simple language as per law.

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Dear Muleeno / Dear &#2350,&#2369,&#2354,&#2368,&#2306,&#...

Maheshkar, Rajat
Dear Muleeno / Dear &#2350,&#2369,&#2354,&#2368,&#2306,&#2344,&#2379
While moving in the society one has to face many kinds of problems, mainly women are treated unfairly at every step. After seventy-five years of independence, will women be free? That's one way of saying it. From three-year-old children to seventy-year-old women, they bear the brunt of abuse. I am very happy to present to you my book on the issue. "Dear Muleeno" due to increasing incidents of rape and abuse against women in the country. Many ...

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Shoorveer / &#2358,&#2370,&#2352,&#2357,&#2368,&#2352

Tiwari, Pradeep
Shoorveer / &#2358,&#2370,&#2352,&#2357,&#2368,&#2352
In this book named Shoorveer, Dr. Saathi has tried to make a soulful tribute to the martyrs of the country and duly tried to depict the life of the brave soldiers. Through this book, Dr. Saathi has asked the government to account for the blood of the martyrs and has also made every effort to highlight the pain of the families of the immortal martyrs. I hope that this brave book will be liked by children, readers and patriots. Your valuable sug...

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Deep Sleep & Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis

Sat, Sadva
Deep Sleep & Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis
Many of us struggle to get a good night's sleep or lose weight. However, it does not have to be this way. While there are wide assortments of diets, exercises, and sleeping supplements, there is something that they all have in common. Their effectiveness is affected by our minds. Our minds are arguably the most important factor behind anything that we do. That is because the mind is the operating system that determines the success or failure ...

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Texas Edible Wild Plant Foraging

Walsh, Willow
Texas Edible Wild Plant Foraging
Explore Texas like never before as you forage for 40 different wild edible plants! Are you tired of overpriced supermarket greens and fruits that taste bland? Are you looking for a way to eat healthy and fresh without breaking your wallet? Have you heard of foraging but don't know if it's right for you? And if you're looking to forage for 100 percent natural food in and around Texas, you've come to the right place. In Texas Edible Wild Plant F...

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Begin Boldly

Arscott, Christie Hunter
Begin Boldly
Learn how to take the right risks for lasting success. Begin Boldly provides a framework for making the kind of bold moves that will get your career off to its best start! Have you ever shied away from taking a risk? Maybe you didn't apply for a job because you didn't meet 100 percent of the requirements or passed up the opportunity to take on a challenging role because you didn't feel ready. If you can relate, you are not alone. Despite recog...

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