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Beyond Management: Toward Establishing Ethical Business

Schuitema, Etsko

Beyond Management: Toward Establishing Ethical Business

Based on a decade's research into the problem of employee discontent, this book makes a critical contribution to understanding the fundamental causes of conflict in the workplace.Beyond Management demonstrates that the fundamental relationship between employer and employee is not a contractual one, but a relationship of power. In doing so it thoroughly explores the distinction between management and leadership and spells out the requirements for rendering legitimate the power of those in charge of an enterprise.The author proposes that the only way in which a legitimate post-technocratic society may be achieved is through restoring the human being to his rightful place in the organization. The only people who can do this are those who, on a daily basis, have the right to demand the acquiescence of others: the leadership at work.This book is essential reading for all students of social and business sciences and also for practicing managers.

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ISBN 9780620978453
Sprache eng
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Verlag Lightning Source Inc
Jahr 20220223


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