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Eve Redeemed

Romano, Evelyn Ann

Eve Redeemed

Eve Redeemed-A Woman's Journey" maps a woman's life through three separate stages. The poems in the 1st section deal with significant early life trauma which shapes the woman's emotional landscape for many years. The poems here do not hold back in description of very painful events which left lasting scars. The last poem in this section deals with fear of dying.
The second section contains more prosy poems which reflect growth and understanding and more awareness of the world around her. Her inner pain is no longer so visible and aids her in feeling more empathy for others and better understanding of human foibles.
The third section contains more lyrical poems which add more magic/mysticism to reflect a much happier and at last an accepting place to gain inner peace. The woman's perspective and awareness of the world's physical beauty (nature) open her up emotionally to a place she hasn't been before.
The writer here hopes all women can identify to some degree that early difficulties/challenges do not have to define their entire lives and real change is possible and very rewarding when you arrive there.

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ISBN 9781958877906
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Sprache eng
Verlag, Inc.
Jahr 20230105


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