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Better immunity in 28 days with Dr Mickey Mehta. Plus daily meal plans from chef Sanjeev Kapoor. People want to do everything they can to strengthen their immune system and stay healthy - especially in the face of a global pandemic. But there is no magic pill to reduce the risk of infections. Only a holistic approach can help you lead an optimally healthy and vibrant life.In Immunity+: Revitalise in 28 Days, leading holistic health and fitness guru Dr Mickey Mehta and acclaimed chef Sanjeev Kapoor collaborate to create an easy-to-follow schedule to integrate the mind-body-and-spirit connection. From yoga exercises to mindful meditation and nutritional-packed food recipes, the book has it all.Drawing from the best of ancient wisdom and modern science frontiers, Dr Mehta shows you how to revitalise and restore your prana or life force. Chef Kapoor's vegetarian dishes are a treat for your taste buds while containing the nutrients you will need to help fight off the most stubborn diseases.Your go-to source to enhance your body's natural defences, Immunity+ is a must-read.

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ISBN 9789354891199
Sprache eng
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Verlag HarperCollins India
Jahr 20211109


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