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International Business Management

International Business Management

Compiled by:
Jacqueline Bürki & Daniel Foord. BFH Business School.
Pearson Education 2022. 530 pages, 21 x 27,5 cm, paperback 
Reader / Course Book for
BIBM - International Business Management - BWBh002 (BFH)
Your lecturer has created this personalised textbook to support your studies. It contains Pearson content from our world-renowned authors, and often industry leading case studies and articles. But, it's just the bits your lecturer knows you need - nothing extra! They may also have included their own, bespoke learning materials specific to your course.
Part 1: Foundation Concepts
Part 2: The Environment of International Business
Part 3: Strategy and Opportunity Assessment
Part 4: Entering and Working in International Markets 
Part 5: Regional Stategies
ISBN 978-1-80006-378-5

CHF 61.00


ISBN 9781800063785
Sprache eng
Verlag BFH Business School
Jahr 2023


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