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Is the nation-state rendered obsolete under globalisation?

Kossmann, Marius

Is the nation-state rendered obsolete under globalisation?

Essay aus dem Jahr 2019 im Fachbereich Politik - Internationale Politik - Allgemeines und Theorien, Note: 1, 3, Hochschule Bremen (Gesellschaftswissenschaften), Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Goods, data and money flow through the world unrestricted and without limitless time, but man still adapts to nation-state boundaries, he follows his constitution and during sporting events he supports his national team and sings the hymn of his nation. Today, the number of nation states in Europe and in the world is as high as never before.Nevertheless, many authors repeatedly invoke the anachronism of the nation-state and its end through denationalization . Since the beginning of the 21st century, it seems that the nation states are losing ground, no country in the world can still make its own economic policy without external influence. The effects of globalization should lead to the end of nation-state governance and make the nation-state as a form of political organization obsolete. In the further course of the essay, this assertion requires a confrontation and juxtaposition of both concepts and their current perception with the respective historical context.

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