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Krämer’s EU Environmental Law

Krämer, Ludwig / Badger, Christopher

Krämer’s EU Environmental Law

The new edition of this essential book details the present state of EU environmental law as it has developed over the last 50 years. The author was personally involved in its making and enforcement, having worked for more than 30 years in the environmental department of the European Commission. The book therefore provides unique insights into this complex field.

The book discusses in detail governance and other horizontal issues, such as competence questions, the division of power between the EU and its Member States, the individual right to a clean environment, and the integration of environmental requirements into other EU policies such as energy, transport, agriculture, fisheries, trade, and tourism.

New chapters elaborate on the relationship between UK and EU law after Brexit (written by Christopher Badger) and on the global effect of EU environmental law and policy. Other chapters deal with climate change, biodiversity, water protection, air and noise pollution, products, and waste. Implementation of EU law in the Member States and the prominent role of the EU Court of Justice with its more than 1, 100 environmental judgments are discussed, as well as an overall assessment of EU law and policy in environmental matters and its perspectives to 2030 under the 8th EU environmental action programme.

At a time of globalisation, the book is indispensable reading for students, researchers, and practising lawyers alike.

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ISBN 9781509974443
Sprache eng
Cover Fester Einband
Verlag Bloomsbury Academic
Jahr 20240502


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