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Memory Improvement Techniques for Students

Peterson, Arianna

Memory Improvement Techniques for Students

Want to stop your pre-exam fears and exam revision stress? Discover the secrets of this book on memory methods to remember everything you learn.I know there is no shortage of books on the market that claim to have been carrying the best content on the subject of memory. So why this book? What makes this book so special for you?What makes this book a top pick to buy? Why should you spend your hard-earned cash on this book? These are questions that usually are left unanswered, but they are circulating in the heads of buyers.What makes this book stand apart from the rest of the lot on the market is that it touches upon different angles of the topic of memory and connects it to the learning of students. The book attempts to explain the importance of memory, the repercussions of forgetfulness and how to overcome it, and different types of memory. When a listener knows the basics of a topic, he or she is more likely to learn what they are hearing. That's what makes this book the best among its competitors. Let's take a look at the contents of the book: why do we forget and what makes us forget?Motivated forgetfulnessThe storage problem Memory and mindVisual or image memoryVerbal-logic memoryMotor memory Emotional MemorySensory memoryThe working pattern of working memorySpontaneous and involuntary memorySemantic memoryHow much information are you able to remember?Don't forget to stack study in the afternoonRole of emotions in the memoryEmotional state of mindThe connection between emotion and attentionHow emotional arousal help students in learning new thingsMnemonics 1: remember words not related to each otherMnemonics 2: remember complex words and more....The last two chapters are dedicated to practical exercises to create mnemonics for memorizing different types of information such as: numbersfacescolorsMath formulasphysicschemistryStudents can take the exercises and examples from these chapters for practice purposes. Also, they should be able to create their versions of mnemonics along the lines of these models. If students learn the examples and practices thoroughly, they can be able to develop a super memory that will be helpful for their academic as well as professional lives. So what are you waiting for? Enrich your study potential with these new memorization and learning methods, overcome your pre-exam fears!

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ISBN 9781914375095
Sprache eng
Cover Fester Einband
Verlag Digital Publishing M&L ltd
Jahr 2020


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