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On the Outside Looking Up: Seeking and Following God Beyond the Gates of Organized Religion

Massie, Elizabeth / Skinner, Cortney

On the Outside Looking Up: Seeking and Following God Beyond the Gates of Organized Religion

An increasing number of people are leaving their established religions behind. Some embrace atheism or agnosticism. Others, a more "New Age" spiritual pathway. Then there are those who have discovered their own personal God-centered religions that speak deeply yet don't necessarily match up to what they were taught within their houses of worship. These are the un-churched believers. They are out there. We are out here. And our love for God and our understandings of the Divine are as meaningful and beautiful as that of the churched. On the Outside Looking Up is part spiritual memoir, part musings on issues that religions tend to tackle, and part extended hand to un-churched believers to assure them they are not the only ones. Elizabeth Massie shares how the basic truth of God - that He Loves and it is His Will that we also love - is the Light that illuminates every topic and struggle we face and is available to all. On the Outside Looking Up invites un-churched, churched, and non-believers alike to give the word "religion" a break and encourages us to take on the profound task of finding our commonalities and loving one another. Elizabeth Massie is no minister, theology scholar, or spiritual leader. She's an ordinary, wondering-wandering un-churched believer who felt a Tap on her shoulder and decided not to ignore it. She has authored a wide variety of works including the Stoker-winning Sineater, the Scribe Award-winning The Tudors: Thy Will Be Done, the mainstream novel Homegrown, the meditative collection Night Benedictions, and more.

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ISBN 9780692731420
Sprache eng
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Verlag Lightning Source Inc
Jahr 20160616


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