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Legovic, Rebeka


The photographic works of Rebeka Legovic are characterised by the choice of extraordinarily and surrealistic views and scenarios, in which the geometry of the urban world assumes a new and altered identity. Despite the need for an initial reassessment, the newly created dimension gives way to a peculiar new reality. The artist's language focuses on merging architecture with the human figure, which are often joint by images of the sky and clouds, creating a specific rhythm between straight lines and sinuous natural streams. It feels as if the photographs captured the inaccessibility of the clouds and the wind, the light and the shadows together with the firmness of the architectural and human forms, the concept of change and its opposite are both enclosed in one shot, in the same frame, in the same idea. She blurs the borders between fashion, architectural and conceptual photography.

CHF 77.00


ISBN 9781914569555
Sprache eng
Cover Fester Einband
Verlag Rock N Books Limited
Jahr 20220615


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