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Secularity and Nonreligion in North America

Smith, Jesse M. / Cragun, Ryan T.

Secularity and Nonreligion in North America

This book surveys the growing field of secularity and non-religion, focusing on the North American context and offers an overview of a field that encompasses a wide and disparate set of people and processes. These include the religious nones and unaffiliated, atheists and agnostics, secular humanists and secular activists, and many other kinds of the "traditionally nonreligious", along with novel forms of secular identities, organizations, and worldviews.

Individual chapters highlight the key topics, findings, arguments, and controversies from the past 20 years of research, including issues of secular and nonreligious identity, health, organization, family, inequality, and discrimination.
The book is illustrated throughout with over 50 images and each chapter includes guidance on further reading and a glossary of key terms and concepts. This is a much-needed resource for teaching secularity and non-religion, as well as the sociology of religion.

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ISBN 9781350407435
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Verlag Bloomsbury Academic
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