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Peterson, Arianna


You want to study perfectly and not sit at the same time constantly at textbooks, forgetting all the rest?Currently, the concept of learning strategies includes thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions that facilitate the acquisition, understanding, and then - the application and transfer of new knowledge and skills in various contexts of activity. Training strategies help create a framework for further information that allows to store it in memory in a form that facilitates integration with the knowledge that is meaningfully associated with it (which increases the likelihood of reproducing this information). These strategies include some techniques - from active repetition for memorizing words to integrated approaches for organizing and developing a training topic using a combination of information, and later on its arbitrary reproduction and application in significantly different fields.Specifically, this book explores the most useful strategies that students can use to improve their study skills.Discover essential study tacticsReplicable techniques and insight to improve studying skills from scratchNew schemes for taking notes Ten specific tips to ensure faster learning.How to develop the correct study habitsSystems for brain coachingAn easy yet potent way to stop procrastinationHow not to worry before exams?Timing: how to properly manage timeBy having this book among your school needs, you will be able to master the time devoted to study and free time for your enjoyment, achieve your goals, and perform consistently better results.So what are you waiting for? Nothing to fear: studying is a personal investment with an ever increasing value.

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ISBN 9781838264376
Sprache eng
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Verlag Digital Publishing M&L ltd
Jahr 2020


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