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The Adventures of Amerina: The Horse

Romano, Steve R. / Romano, Heidi Bosch

The Adventures of Amerina: The Horse

Princess Amerina is on her way to Jenna's house when she runs into her school buddy Mica and his dad Mr. Anders. They are on their way home from work and invite Amerina to stop by their ranch. She can't resist their offer since it means she'll get to spend time with their horse Spotty. When Amerina doesn't show up at Jenna's house at the expected time, everyone worries. Princess Amerina is about to learn a valuable lesson in safety.The Adventures of Amerina picture books are heart-warming stories that promote family reading time.

CHF 36.50


ISBN 9780578771779
Sprache eng
Cover Fester Einband
Verlag Lightning Source Inc
Jahr 2020


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