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Mind Programming Techniques

Peterson, Arianna

Mind Programming Techniques

55% discount for bookstores !!! Now $37 instead of $40 !!!You are interested in having a fascinating book on your library shelves, an excellent guide to mind programming, highly sought after among women.With the techniques described in this book, your clients will be able to reprogram their subconscious to accept a new reality ... one in which they are happier, more confident, and more in tune with their state of being.These simple techniques are specifically designed to unlock all of your true potentials with considerable improvements to your life and overall well-being.Here are some of the things you will learn:* The power of positive thoughts* Using affirmations to change your future* How to use gratitude to your advantage* Effective visualization techniques* Where to place all your beliefs* How to identify and remove limiting beliefs* Change your daily habits to increase productivity* Why you should daydream* When the subconscious is more open to suggestion* Meditation* How feelings affect your wishes and desiresBuy it NOW and let Your customers become addicted to this incredible book

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ISBN 9781914375019
Sprache eng
Cover Fester Einband
Verlag Digital Publishing M&L ltd
Jahr 2021


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